Gig Review:The Murder Capital In-Store, Resident, Thursday 22nd August


A four-word review repeated may be reductive but it tells you nearly all you need to know. The Murder Capital plugged in and turned Resident into a sweaty club with frantic dancing and bodies flying. To allay any fears, no records or CDs were hurt during the onslaught but a few needed to be rehomed. Fuelled by booze and match ready by already playing an in-store early in the day, these five men from Dublin were ready.

In forty or so minutes, they emoted, joked, rocked and rolled their way through most of the songs on their debut album. Vocalist James McGovern goes from strident to quiet and back again. The band taking their cues musically from Joy Division via early U2 create a sound which at times is in danger of collapsing in on itself but they always pull back in time. As a visual spectacle, they careen around with an abandonment which is thrilling but keeping the music at the forefront.

Definitely one of, if not the best in-store Resident have hosted and a band on the rise. They play Concorde 2 in October. Get a ticket as I doubt they’ll be playing smaller venues for much longer.

When I Have Fears Album Review

Taking Post Punk sounds from the late 1970s and adding 1980s Gothic-inspired bands like The Cure and The Bad Seeds to the mix, we get The Murder Capital.

Whilst many bands have taken Post Punk and/or the more downbeat Indie bands as a starting point to make new music, The Murder Capital is near the top of taking the past but to make their own future.

Frantic but heartfelt, they have taken the rhythmic, punk, sonic delivery of bands like Wire and Idles but married this with lyrics which are based on and are a continuation of the gothic tradition.


  • For Everything
  • More Is Less
  • Green & Blue
  • Slowdance I
  • Slowdance II
  • On Twisted Ground
  • Feeling Fades
  • Don’t Cling To Life
  • How The Streets Adore Me Now
  • Love,Love,Love

When I Have Fears is released via Human Season Records and The Murder Capital play Concorde 2 on Friday 11th October: Details here

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