What does Brighton’s music scene need?

With gigs and open mics on every night of the week, from a superficial point of view, the music scene looks strong. The wider picture of small music venues in the UK paints a gloomier picture with small venues closing due to business performance as well as to pressure from landlords looking to change use and new arrivals in their community making complaints.

Support from wider stakeholders such as Brighton City Council to protect a key component of the city’s fiscal and social key nighttime economy is needed to ensure that venues are able to flourish as businesses. From those within the music scene, punters, bands and promoters we do need to support gigs by attending as many as we can and to avoid the fallback position of come see my band and my friends’ band. The city has an abundance of musicians and bands. Challenge yourself to see one band new to you a week!

With support from the wider city and from within the music community, we can help the music scene become stronger which helps us all.

That’s what Chris sez, what do you think?

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