New Austerity Single – White Men

BREXIT, Recession and Austerity. Britain, and by that, I mean the economically advantaged, seem intent on taking us all to the poor house.

The irony here is that Austerity can be welcomed as it’s a three-piece Post Punk band offering funky post-punk rather than poverty.

New single White Men takes its musical cues from another time in Britain’s history where it faced economic ills and social unrest, the late 1970s and early 1980s. Post-Punk and the more Arty end of Pop come to the fore here. Squealing Sax with scratchy guitar aided by a swinging rhythm section gives us a party but with lyrics to think about.

Dancing in the library perhaps, in the Politics section. The older generation, white privilege and protesting Millenials are in scope and whilst no three-minute song can cover all societal problems, it at least makes you think about them.

I’m signing up for this Austerity measure and so should you. Post Punk for all!

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