Gig Review: Bodega/Working Men’s Club – Concorde 2, Tuesday 27th August 2019

Fantasy band time… What would your late 70s Art Rock/Post Punk supergroup sound like? The dystopia of Devo, the kitsch stylings of The B52s and the jagged, jittery energy of Talking Heads?

Well, worry no more as Bodega is that band made flesh with a hint of College Rock thrown in to and the odd anglophile reference.

Taking to the stage to a discordant buzzing and whirring of old technology samples, the next 70 or so minutes they own. They start at 100 miles per hour and keep at a relentless pace led by heckling frontman Ben Hozie and ably assisted by Nikki Belfiglio who dances and grooves and acts as band cheerleader.

They play their LP Endless Scroll in its entirety and whilst a very good album it shines fully in the live environment with the band making the connection to the crowd.

Working Men’s Club is post-punkers making a danceable jittery four to the floor groove. A brisk 25-minute support set comes and goes very quickly but the crowd dancing attests to their charms and their back in Brighton in October headlining their own show.

With new material due in October hopefully, Bodega will back in Brighton shortly. If you haven’t seen or heard them, rectify this asap. Post-Punk’s new Princes and Princesses.

Bodega: Facebook
Working Men’s Club: Facebook

Bodega Setlist:

  • LKTH
  • Bodega Birth
  • Knife On The Platter
  • Boxes For The Move
  • Domesticated Animal
  • Bookmarks
  • No Vanguard Revival
  • Margot
  • Shiny New World
  • Treasures Of the Ancient World
  • Truth Is Not Punishment
  • Charlie
  • Name Escape
  • Gyrate
  • Jack In Titanic
  • Williamsburg Bridge (Encore)
  • Realism (Encore)
  • Warhol (Encore)
  • I Am Not A Cinephile (Encore)

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