New ELLiS.D Single – Elastic

Indie and Grunge have had a furtive backstreet bunk-up and their lovechild is Elastic. Guitars jangle if these riffs were played in the 1980s, particularly Manchester way, by a certain Marr, J.

By taking 1980s Indie/C86 sounds but making them over with a muscular grungy feel you get the best of both worlds. Indie which isn’t too fey and Grunge not too boorish. The vocals are plaintive and full of longing and reminiscent of WH Lung, another of the band today referencing the past.

It’s a song where its DNA is between 1986 and 1993 but sounds thoroughly 2019.

ELLiS.D, sounds familiar? With tracks like Elastic hopefully, they will be. Recommended.

Elastic is available on Spotify: Elastic
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