Chris Sez – How Do You Like Your Music?

How do you consume music? Spotify? YouTube? Amazon? Apple? Radio? Bandcamp?

Do you buy physical formats? The question is asked because the format affects how I listen to music. Don’t get me wrong. Digital music is a boon to the listener. A click away from whatever your heart desires but that accessibility makes the experience slightly lessened. You get what you want but with no time investment, it can ring hollow at times.

I bought the Bodega live album Witness Scroll last week at Resident on vinyl. I’d listened to it digitally prior to purchase. When I took it home, I looked at the artwork whilst I listened to the music. It was an immersive experience. By the act of putting the record on and sitting down, I made an investment in the record and made time to enjoy the music without it being a soundtrack to other day-to-day activities.

Whilst not all music released today is available on a physical format, try listening to an album from beginning to end on a physical format, you’ll be surprised how different it is to the digital experience. You might like it.

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