New Caaw Album – Strange Pictures

Strange Pictures? What does it mean? Half remembered memories of what you thought you saw. Did you? The new release from Caaw opens a window into a world of bourbon-soaked memories with jazz-inflected avant-garde music playing and burbling in the background. Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits are having a tussle over a perfume filled top hat whilst Dr John watches on from the bayou distractedly.

Greenback Gods pulling the strings (unseen).
Four Go Fishing into an Avant-Garde lagoon.
Blow(ing) a groovy blues haze with whats in hand.
Dinosaurs roar via the proxy of cool blues licks.
Elephant treads wearily around squalling dirty sax and electronic missives.
Life of Johnny. He’s living la Vida jazzy.
The Stripper is working for tips. Coppers thrown into the broken pint pot with disdain.
Sleepwalker – narcolepsy made sexy.
A Generation Hexed. Broken dreams set to broken beats.

These pictures are strange but you’ll be stranger if you don’t give them a look. The adventurous have much to enjoy here. Pass me the bottle mes amies…

Track Listing

  • Greenback Gods
  • Four Go Fishing
  • Blow
  • Dinosaurs
  • Elephant
  • Life of Johnny
  • The Stripper
  • Sleepwalker
  • A Generation Hexed


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