The Guitars Whisper Quietly Then Go Berserk: Dog of Man – Dogmatic Manual

Dog of Man Dogmatic Manual Featured Image

Dogmatic Manual Record Review

Musically curious? There is a new musical religion to join… They are Dog of Man. They bring the word in a new book. Dogmatic Manual.

A minute of fuzzy feedback welcomes you to the new Dog of Man release then you are thrown back and forth between funky hi-life, post-punk and indie rock. That’s just the first track Opiate.

Morning For Gorman takes a math rock approach and the guitars whisper quietly and then go berserk.

Till Jockey is episodic and harmonic. Vocals and organs merge into one.

Dubby is downbeat but danceable with a widdly groove riff which will become an earworm given half a chance.

Gin Paradise 66 = Quiet, Loud, Quiet, Loud.

Chaos Reigns turns up the rock dial to eleven and throws in whatever else is to hand.

Wedding Night Erection Failure is the fourteen minute plus closer and we get everything. Riffs, phasing, funky chops, cool laidback vocals, music concrete, effects, drones.

Like previously reviewed ep, Musically Transmitted Diseases – check out our previous review New Dog of Man EP – Musically Transmitted DiseasesDog of Man take a multitude of influences and bend, break and reassemble to meet their own needs. It feels as if they’ve taken a really good 70s/80s record collection and blended it into a waxy beverage which they’ve all drunk.

This dogma is inherently true. Go forth and seek Dog of Man. Dogmatic Manual is indeed a good book.


  • Opiate
  • Morning For Gorman
  • Till Jockey
  • Dubby
  • Gin Paradise
  • Chaos Reigns
  • Wedding Night Erection Failure

10 Questions with Dog of Man 10 Questions: Dog Of Man

Dogmatic Manual is available on Bandcamp: Dogmatic Manual, by Dog of Man

Facebook: Dog of Man

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