Chris Sez: Why Don’t You Stop What You’re Doing Right Now And Watch This Documentary. Seriously.

Chris Sez Flawed Is Beautiful

The New Wave Of New Wave was short-lived but was a dry run for Britpop which followed very quickly on its tail.

With a digital release via Amazon, the documentary of this scene, Flawed Is Beautiful, which focuses on These Animal Men and SMASH, is well worthy of your time.

Britpop was a refined take on its predecessor where the drugs it celebrated were taxed rather than illegal and the fashion became pricy rather than what could be afforded by the bands. Musically you can hear punk and rock n roll influences being utilised and it is a call to arms for guitar music to be visceral and exciting rather than worthy and downbeat.

Whilst the bands were lauded by the music press they never quite made the chart breakthrough. Britpop reduced the likelihood of them being commercially successful but the bands themselves enjoyed the lifestyle and that in part helped to make them make less than stellar choices.

Capturing an important part of 90s British music, Adam Foley’s documentary showcases two great bands who never quite made it but have been captured and preserved here. Go see it and then go listen to the music.

Flawed Is Beautiful is available via Amazon:

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