Two Derelict Yet Sentient Droids – Ezekiel Doo, Hallway Song

Ezekiel Doo hallway Review Featured Image

Ezekiel Doo Hallway Music ReviewWe all have doubts.

In ourselves, in others, everything and nothing. Ezekiel Doo has taken this downbeat feeling, a dread if you will and called it Hallway Song.

Grunge meets Lo-Fi in almost tribute to the early 1990s. Skronky saxophones, offbeat rhythms and grungy guitar solos enter into battle with each other. The vocals range from gentle to screaming banshee fury. A disasterpiece.

Whether this hallway leads to hell or purgatory is for you to decide. Will you take the first step?

Second track Untitled is the noise two derelict yet sentient droids make when contemplating their end as it comes into view. Binary code shared. Bleeps and drones make a discordant rhythm. Vocals are present but its the death-cry of machines is what Untitled is about. Obsolescence made aural. From 01 to 00.

The Plugged In Brighton crew loved their last EP Cecil B. Demented Me – we dug what we dubbed:

Lo-Fi guitar grooves. Mining late 80s college rock through to 90s grunge

Ezekiel Doo and so should you. Enter into their twilight world but no gets out alive!


  • Hallway Song
  • Untitled

Hallway Song is released by Twitcher Records via Bandcamp: Hallway Song, by Ezekiel Doo
Facebook: Ezekiel Doo

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