14 Brighton Bands To See Before You Cark It

14 Brighton Bands To See Before You Cark It

Just in case you want some unsolicited advice as to what Brighton bands you should see live, here it is via pas reviews of our favourite Brighton Bands gigs in 2019! Check it out!

01-04 Pascagøula/NEWTS/Yuxa/Viaduct – The Prince Albert, Tuesday 30th July

05-08 Tundra Love/Guru/Murmur/Dreamwave, The Green Door Store, Tuesday 12th March 2019

09-11 Human Leather/DKH/Herd Mover, East Street Tap, Saturday 2nd March 2019


12-14 Rotten Foxes/Glitter Piss/Young Francis, The Pipeline, Saturday 12th January 2019

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