Gothic Ennui: I’m Not Myself Bad Laws

Gothic Ennui I'm Not Myself Bad Laws Review

I'm Not Myself Bad Laws Music ReviewA scant 18 months ago, Bad Laws featured as One To Watch in the local Argus.

The four-piece met at BIMM, juggled studies with performance, and in the process crafted their female-fronted heavy rock sound.

When we reviewed their last single Break – we described them as:

a more fuzzy Killers with female vocals, if you will

So their new single I’m Not Myself might come as something of a surprise.

Out goes the rockier sound of Break and in comes a poppier flavour washed with Gothic ennui, a reflective mood where strong rather than rock guitars mix with ethereal vocals.

Bad Laws weren’t themselves but perhaps have become themselves with a change in direction. As to whether this is a one-off or for good, future releases will tell. I’m Not Myself is an unexpected but welcomed release.

I’m Not Myself is available on Spotify – I’m Not Myself, – and you can also follow the band on Facebook.

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