Strippers, Down & Outs, & Other Ne’er-Do-Wells: CAAW Album Launch

Strippers Down and Outs and Other Neer Do Wells: Caaw Album Launch Featured Image

Strippers Down and Outs and Other Neer Do Wells CAAW Album Launch 02Brighton, the city of a thousand coffee shops. That’s a thousand too many for me!

Coffee comes in jars emblazoned with the words Nescafe as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care how many civet arseholes your coffee beans have passed through. However, I will be braving a cafe in a couple of weeks. Not to drink overpriced brown water but to hear live the new album from CAAW.

As reviewed recently, we said that Strange Pictures

opens a window into a world of bourbon-soaked memories with jazz-inflected avant-garde music playing and burbling in the background

which as Presuming Ed is licensed to sell grog you too can have without the need to furtively smuggle in whisky miniatures to Irish up your coffee.

Back to the music itself and its as if Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart and Dr John are in a flophouse making moonshine in a dirt-encrusted bathtub so disgusting and strong that a whiff let alone a taste of it will cause blindness. Strippers, down and outs and other ne’er-do-wells come out to play in these songs which inhabit a world of poor choices and bad luck. Caaw looks like men who lived a thousand lives each and have made songs rich with colour and flavour.

Besides CAAW you also get support from 2 String Slim who’ll be abusing a plank of wood. Let it not be said Brighton doesn’t provide for all sorts on a Saturday night. The show is free but put those long arms into your short pockets and shower these troubadours in shrapnel so they can make merriment or make unwise choices. It’s up to them. They’re adults.

Remember granulated is sufficient for your coffee needs as you should always add booze to it.

CAAW launch their new album at Presuming Ed on Saturday, October 8th from 20:00 to 23:00.


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