A Labrum & Two Maxillae: Guru Disques @ The Bee’s Mouth

A Labrum & Two Maxillae: Guru Disques @ The Bee's Mouth Featured Image

Have you ever looked at a bees’ mouth?

In my many years of breathing, I haven’t. God bless the interweb for I now know what’s going on in this insect’s gob! Esteemed webpage How Stuff Works says it has a labrum and two maxillae which are its lips and they support a proboscis for collecting nectar.

Wait, Chris… What does this have to do Brighton guitar music? Good point.

On the evening of Friday 4th October, you will head to Hove and seek The Bees Mouth. For those of you from Brighton, you will need your passport and sturdy shoes but you will be rewarded for leaving the shire. This bee’s mouth will spew forth fine live music from Brighton and also from Scotland and Southampton.

Thee Rag N Bone Man is headlining and unleashing a blues onslaught for your pleasure. Young Francis is riding solo in his lo-fi guise and will be providing bittersweet thrills. Grand Guru is the bastard son of Suicide, come watch him abuse his equipment. Zoom Around Rainbow will be bleeping and clacking, a computer’s wet dream made aural. All for one.


A Labrum & Two Maxillae: Guru Disques @ The Bee’s Mouth Poster

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