Rant #1 Preview: The Richmond, Friday October 25th

Rant #1 Preview The Richmond Friday October 25th Featured Image

Rant number one… The number of times I have to press the button at the Pelican Crossing as the fifteen slack-jawed yokels who were there before me stand there as if in a game of infinity musical statues.

This Rant #1 is a new monthly night for punks to dance their troubles away at The Richmond on Friday, October 25th from 8pm to 1am.

The first show kicks off with three of Brighton’s best punk bands:

01. Austerity will be launching their album Anarcho-Punk Dance Party. Post Punkers bring their jittery dance to the party. Austerity Bandcamp: https://austeritypunk.bandcamp.com/merch

02. Cockwomble, politicised punks giving you the truth via catchy songs. Don’t be a cockwomble yourself, check ‘em out. Ten Questions with Cockwomble: https://pluggedinbrighton.com/2019/08/11/10-questions-cockwomble/

03. Gulls. Riot Grrl rockers with a punk edge. Plugged In Brighton faves. Ten Questions with Gulls: https://pluggedinbrighton.com/2019/05/01/10-questions-gulls/

04. Plus The Rant Open Mic… Got something to say, here’s your chance.
And DJ Crouton spinning punk and post-punk all night too.

All of this is yours for £3 plus a free zine. Unwaged get in free. The world’s in turmoil. You’ve only one choice. Let’s rant then dance!


Rant #1 Preview The Richmond Friday October 25th Poster

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