Anarcho Punk Dance Party: New LP From Austerity

Anarcho Punk Dance Party New LP From Austerity Featured Image

Anarcho Punk Dance Party New LP From Austerity2019 is 1979. Bear with me…

The UK in the late ‘70s was on its arse.

In the UK today, BREXIT looms large and the bottom/pavement interface isn’t that far away. In ‘79 Post Punk was the glitchy, funky cousin of Punk allowing us to dance but also providing food for thought.

Austerity has taken Post-Punk into today and address consumerism and me too amongst other contemporary issues. A funkier version of Idles is a shorthand review of Austerity.

No duff tracks on this debut album.

All killer is an overused term but here it is true. Funky basslines, propulsive drums and cool angular guitar riffs are present plus skronky saxophone here and there. If you like Gang Of Four, you’ve found your new favourite band.

Arguably, the best, if not my favourite song is Rinse And Repeat, a groovy tune about the dead-end nihilism of consumerism from cradle to grave.

In Occupation they chant “Question Everything”. In these days of woe, we all should.

This is an anarcho-punk dance party. Bring the beers and your dancing shoes. The world is turning the wrong way.

Let’s help music put it right!


  1. Aaaaaaaaarrrrrghhh
  2. We’re Not Evolved
  3. Occupation
  4. Nice Guy
  5. White Men
  6. Rinse And Repeat
  7. The City Is Dead
  8. Glass House
  9. One Man Terror Dance
  10. Herded
  11. Capital
  12. Lambrini Anarchist

Anarcho Punk Dance Party is out on Friday 1st November via Every Man His Own Football Records (digital + CD) and Quiet Backwater Records (Cassette).


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