Does Sir Like It Hot & Sweaty? Rant #1 @ The Richmond

Does Sir Like It Hot & Sweaty Rant #1 At the Richmond Featured Image

Does Sir Like It Hot & Sweaty Rant #1 At the Richmond 03The Richmond on a Friday night.

Pass the smiling security guard who’s complementing Brett from Idle Bones on his youthful looks and there’s no band setting up! Have I come on a wrong night? I can hear music in the distance though, so after purchasing a BREXIT baiting foreign lager I walked around the corner and in a tiny side room I can see various members of Gulls, Cockwomble and Austerity. Phew! Punk in a poky room.

Does sir like it hot and sweaty? Then come in…

Austerity was launching their debut album Anarcho Punk Dance Party. Check out our review here:

Danceable sermons. Post Punk from ‘79 welded to the politics of today. The anger is justified and the music is jerky, funky and rhythmic. What little air that was left in the room was gone when their set ended. Lots of bands are taking their inspiration from Punk and its younger sibling Post Punk. Austerity is at the vanguard.

If you only want one Post Punk influenced band, Austerity is the band for you and Anarcho Punk Dance Party the album.

Cockwomble takes an early 80s punk sound which has bounce, akin to The Professionals but use it as a subterfuge to pass comment on the ills of now. Fun and furious at the same time. You can have your cake and eat it.

Gulls opened proceedings and whilst they were good when I first saw them a year ago, tonight they were great. Catchy riot grrl punk with a message too. Can we have an album soon?

If three top Punk and Post Punk bands weren’t enough you got a bit of open mic spleen-venting from the audience too. For once, a rant we can all enjoy. Keep your eyes open for Rant #2. I’ll see you there. You’ll want beer money too as it’ll be hot!


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