The Familiar Is Twisted & Distorted: Matt Finucane, The Seizure

The Familiar Is Twisted & Distorted Matt Finucane The Seizure Featured Image

The Familiar Is Distorted & Twisted Matt Finucane The SeizureMatt Finucane is an artist we’ve featured going back to our paper days (on the cover of no 2 fanzine collectors!) as well as our current digital incarnation. Following on from the Vanishing Island album which we said was full of ‘strangeness and discord’, we have The Seizure, an EP of four new songs.

Opener Evil Relief gets off to a flying start with a propulsive groove. New Wave rock meets indie cool.  Mark E Smith and Lou Reed summoned back to this mortal coil. East Coast America versus North West England. Call it an honourable draw.

Honest Song. As if grunge slackers played a Velvets song they remembered hearing. Almost sixties girl pop if channelled through an indie troubadour.

Raw Material is a lost Television backing track that Matt dreamed one night and applied his best croon to. Guitars sparkle and shine.

Slaughter Ink is a bruised ballad where maybe Matt finds what he’s questing for.

Matt takes cool New York Art Rock here as an initial reference point, think if Lou Reed fronted Television but subverting it, taking it to Brighton alleyways where god knows what has happened or is about to. The familiar is twisted and distorted.  Music comes from the shadows. Sonic exploration in every sense. Recommended.

The Seizure EP is released on 8th November.


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