Brighton’s Big Noise: ARXX, Wrong Girl, Honey

Brightons Big Noise ARXX Wrong Girl Honey Featured Image

Brightons Big Noise ARXX Wrong Girl Honey Album Cover

After two single releases this year, Iron Lung and You Got What You Want, we have an EP; Wrong Girl, Honey. It gathers up the two previous singles, adds two new tracks and an alternate version of one of the new tracks. So, what do we get?

Opener Iron Lung gets proceedings off to a strong start.

Taking the quiet/loud dynamic and making it original is a difficult trick to pull off but they do it here.

Take filthy grunge riffs underscored with tight, propulsive percussion and you’ve got, You Got What You Want. Powerful lyrics delivered with a snarl are irresistible.

Swallowed The Sun is a grungy love song channelling 90s vibes with arguably the best vocally performance from ARXX to date. You’d think you’ve uncovered a lost 90s single.

The Storm is a change of pace from what’s proceeded it. Part Sixties pop with gospel overtones. A gentler side to the band. The closing track is a piano-led reprise of The Storm.

Vocalist Hannah Pidduck has one of today’s strongest rock voices. Going from a delicate purr to a primal roar, it adds another level to sound which covers all bases from Indie to Rock. Hannah’s guitar playing twinned with the powerful drumming of Clara Townsend is Rock of the highest order.

With EPs and singles released, let’s hope an album will be their next release. Modern Rock fans, ARXX should be on your playlist. They are Brighton’s big noise. Succumb now or later. Either way, you will!

FFO: Deap Vally, Royal Blood, Sit Down

Wrong Girl, Honey EP is out 22/11/2019.


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