Fever-Induced Dream: November Music Round-Up

Fever Induced Dream November Music Round Up Featured Image

* Post Punk noiseniks Ditz new single Total 90 is a primal scream to a society which is becoming less caring and more angrier. Tension filled noise mirrors and compliments vocalist Cal’s matter of fact delivery which occasionally breaks into screams and shouts of frustration. As with previous release, Gayboy, Ditz makes impactful noisy music and wed it to lyrics which are as furious. Plugged In Brighton are big fans of Ditz and so should you be.

* Noisferatu conjures up soundtracks to films that have never existed or you think have existed in a half-remembered fever-induced dream but they haven’t. Sounds scuttle to and from your speakers or headphones. Rhythm is subverted. Click, Clack. Click, Clack. Trust your friends at Plugged In Brighton and set aside twenty or so minutes for this release. Two tracks: Thee Route Ov Thee Radish and Thee Beet Ov Thee Radish. An unexpected pleasure.

* Lazybones’ Trash Talk is a cherry bomb to the side of your head. Fuzzy riffs abound. If Pop and Rock had a baby, it would be this. Recommended.

* Idle Bones has been anything but idle of late. Of their new material, our favourite is their collaboration with Mishkin Fitzgerald, Kitana. Rockabilly goes Goth. Suitably spooky for the dark nights.

* Winnipeg, MN espouses Love In Life. A folk song with electronic embellishments which conjures up half-forgotten memories. Want something a bit different to guitars going up to 11? Try here.


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