Think Pink! Georgie Femme, Pink Noise

Think Pink Georgie Femme Pink Noise Featured Image

Think Pink Georgie Femme Pink Noise ImagePink Noise is the debut EP from Georgie Femme, which was preceded by two singles (Yo Yo Yo You’re So So) Sweet To Me and Soft Funk. A four-piece self-described Queer Pop/Rock band with Georgie McBurnie on Lead Vocals/Guitar, Ali Hitit on Guitar/Backing Vocals, Eve Singleton on Bass/Backing Vocals and Tom Mitchell on Drums/Backing Vocals. We get three new tracks.

* You’re A Sham deals with self-doubt and weds it to an early eighties shiny soundtrack. Think Orange Juice or a sweeter Franz Ferdinand.

* I Don’t Wanna be Your Kink is a funky diatribe against tabloid and societal bigotry.

* Riding The Rails as described by the band themselves is “the journey of the band from a solo project to a band”. It builds from basic accompaniment to the full band playing muscular blues-rock.

Pop is often a dirty word but here it’s a compliment. Hummable tunes with an important message for us all to be mindful and thoughtful to others and to be humble but confident in ourselves.

This noise makes you think. Think Pink!

Pink Noise is released on Friday 6th December


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