Music Round Up: Hell Beings, Grand Guru

* Hell Beings Mini Album: everything I do beats being with you

Having been quiet since last year’s single release, Rock n Roll don’t make ye hard son, Hell Beings are back with five new tracks under the title, everything i do beats being with you. The title track gets proceedings off to a classic rock start. Degenerator is a malevolent fuzz bomb that’s done and dusted in just over a minute. The truth wants to know but the lies aren’t telling takes us back to the golden age of grunge. If you like Alice In Chains then this track is for you. Electric blues from the grave. Necking Turps is more grunge evil exhumed. Closer Hate Within The Love Within The Hate is bluesy classic rock with a narcoleptic shuffle feel.  Vocalist Darren is in fine voice and is the perfect fit for lyrics which drip emotion and spit pain. The band take Punk, Classic Rock and Grunge and prove themselves to be masters of them all in the five songs here.

Hell Beings has been around in different configurations over the years but this may well be their best. These hellions bring us riffs and lyrics forged from fire and pain. Come into the shadows. The best Rock release from the Brighton scene this year.

Hell Beings:

* Grand Guru Album: garagepunk2999

Newly released on vinyl. Lo-Fi, Garage Rock with a dash of electronic influences. The bastard love child of a back street bunk-up between Suicide and The Cramps. The eight tracks here take the Garage Rock aesthetic and add to it lo-fi electro/electronic sounds to create a new sound which is guitar-based but nuanced. In short, if you like alternative music, buy this. Highly recommended.

Grand Guru:

Music Round Up Hell Beings Grand Guru Image 001

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