January Gig Previews

January Gig Previews Featured Image


Glitter Piss/Young Francis Hi-Fi/The Hoodniks/Joanna And The Dropouts -The Green Door Store, Thursday 9th January

Do you like garage punk? Do you like surf rock? Do you like rock n’ roll? If you answered yes to all three I applaud your musical taste and more importantly, this gig is for you! Glitter Piss – Garage Punk and Rock n’ Roll has a cheeky knee-trembler!  Young Francis Hi-Fi – He’s no longer an island, joining forces with the rascally Rotten Foxes! The Hoodniks – Surf Rock coolness! Joanna And The Dropouts – Garage Pop to get you in the mood for mayhem! Only a fiver on the door.
Event Link https://www.facebook.com/events/605744786635008/


Dog Of Man/Ebola-la’s/Young Fatigue/Ornate Antlers – Prince Albert, Monday 13th January

Four bands, four quid. Dog Of Man – The band you wish you were in! Ebola-la’s – The self-proclaimed Lambrini laureates! Young Fatigue – Alt-Rock Grunge! Ornate Antlers – Loud guitars and louder drums!
Event Link https://www.facebook.com/events/541759359755298/


Petrol Girls/ARXX – The Green Door Store, Wednesday 15th January

Petrol Girls – Feminist post-hardcore punks from the DIY scene! ARXX – NME and Plugged In Brighton recommended. Two women. Two X’s. One big sound! Tickets selling fast.
Event Link Petrol Girls in Brighton 15.01.2020 Selling Fast

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