January Music Reviews

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Young Francis new EP – Hit Adolescent

Four new bubblegum fizzers from Young Francis Lo-Fi. Ramalamalonga Ramones is the order of the day. Enough sugar between the riffs to give you diabetes this is the snack between meals that’s better than the meal. Don your leather jacket and battered Converse and pogo to this!
Available on Bandcamp https://youngfrancis.bandcamp.com/album/hit-adolescent


The Damn Shebang New Single – Goths on the Beach

Sounds like an evil punishment for our deliciously dark friends but no… It’s the first single from The Damn Shebang’s debut album, ‘Damned If You Don’t’. Garage rock which rolls as good as it rocks. Reminiscent of The Damned in part. If the album is half as good as this, we’re in for a treat. Any song which ends with the coda Goths! Shouted is worth 2 minutes 40 seconds of your time.
Goths on the Beach is available on all platforms https://www.facebook.com/thedamnshebang/


Vivian Clarke new singles – nv ram reset /xcxcxcx and vroom vroom (vivian clarke remix)

nv ram reset/xcxcxcx starts with a bassy industrial sound before turning into a leftfield club banger built on a vocal sample of Queen Lizzy by Charli XCX. A glitchy rave-up which at the same time instills a feeling between melancholy and dread. A more danceable TVAM. vroom vroom is a remix of the Charli XCX track.
Available on Bandcamp  https://vivianclarke.bandcamp.com/track/nv-ram-reset-xcxcxcx


Rapt Mini Album – Within Thrall

Folk with sadcore and shoegaze elements is what we get with this mini-album from Rapt. Pastoral longing for loves lost and places we can’t return to. Breathy, almost inaudible lyrics backed primarily by guitar and other instrumentation wash over you. Sad but still defiant in a quiet way.
Available on Bandcamp Within Thrall, by Rapt

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