Between Euphoria And Wistfulness: Georgia, Seeking Thrills

Between Euphoria And Wistfulness Georgia Seeking Thrills Featured Image

Between Euphoria And Wistfulness Georgia Seeking Thrills Image 01A crowded Resident with a healthy mix of younger music fans present was here to see Georgia play an in-store set to promote her new album Seeking Thrills.

Whilst Georgia may be new to some readers, this is her second album and she made her initial mark with the 2015 track Move Systems.

Electro Pop meets Eighties Dance is Georgia’s stock in trade. Danceable sounds but conjuring a mood between euphoria and wistfulness. Enjoy the night as it doesn’t last long.

Behind a rig of an electronic drum kit and keyboard, Georgia is energy, energy, energy. Imploring us to clap and sing along, Resident went from Brighton’s premier independent record store to Brighton’s newest club.

If there were a smoke machine and strobe lights, the transformation would’ve been complete. Arms aloft were the order of the day. Playing for twenty-five minutes though she could’ve played for much longer and those in attendance would’ve still wanted more, we got a good sample of tracks from the album.

How often do you get a rave on a Friday afternoon in a record store? With Georgia we did. The album’s a stormer too, so go listen.

Seeking Thrills? You’ll do worse than looking here. Big thanks to Resident for putting this in-store on.

Seeking Thrills by Georgia is released via Domino.

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