Chris Sez: RIP The Richmond

Chris Sez RIP The Richmond Featured Image

Chris SezThe Richmond has closed.

Whilst its owners have put it up for sale, aiming to do so quickly, they aim to find new owners honouring existing gig bookings.

The venue reopened three years ago and bands I’ve seen there include but are not limited to Joanna And The Dropouts, Pussyliquor, Young Francis, Glitter Piss, Cockwomble, Gulls and Austerity.

A stage in the main area and a smaller room gave two small to smaller performance spaces perfect for newer or alternative bands.

Going back through to its history its past performers include John Lee Hooker, Bratmobile, Slowdive and Manic Street Preachers to name but a few.

The current ongoing redesign of the traffic flow system has made the immediate area around the pub a maze of barriers and signs which may have affected footfall. General factors affecting pubs and venues in Brighton and more generally in the UK such as pre-loading before going out and street drinking may have affected bar takings also.

Let’s hope a buyer is found swiftly who wishes to continue The Richmond as a vibrant hub for music and we all need to support if it does.

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