Chris Sez: Get Your Fix, Punk In Brighton

Chris Sez Get Your Fix Punk In BrightonHere at Plugged In Brighton, we are fans of Punk of all shapes and guises. Check out these bands to get your fix!

Young Francis Hi-Fi
Young Francis has abandoned his bag of percussion and life of one and joined forces with former members of Brighton’s most rascally band Rotten Foxes to form Young Francis Hi-Fi. Gigging since last year and adding a little more Punk steel to the Bubblegum meets Ramones sound of solo Young Francis, this is a band to see live. Hopefully, recordings from them are due this year. The move from Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi has paid off. Dust off your Converse and battered old leather jacket and get yourself down the front!

Glitter Piss
Sounding like an STI you’ve picked up over the festive period, Glitter Piss is another band with a Rotten Foxes connection. With vocalist Jobi leading their live assault by rocking and rolling all over the place wherever they’re playing, the stage or the pit, Jobi will find you! Punk n’ Roll is the briefest way to describe their sound. A demo has been released and the track Suck My Soul is out too, a teaser for an upcoming split ep due soon.  Get pissed!

Unlike the feathered flyers who’ll nick your chips and peck your eyes out without a second thought, these Gulls serve righteous Riot Grrl sounds. The trio is fronted by Rhi Kavok who gives songs about society’s ills a voice which ranges from sing-song through to paint stripping discord. They’ve released a few singles including Shop, a call to arms to protect libraries and have been recording new material recently. These are Gulls you want in your neighbourhood. Get your chips ready to share!

Sharing the same lyrical concerns as Gulls, Cockwomble’s sound is a UK82 based stomp with catchy Pop-Esque hooks added. No slouches, they’ve released two eps and an lp too. Cockwomble by name, not by nature!
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