New Single Releases For February

New Single Realeases For February Featured Image

* New Single Releases For February 01Sons New Single – Sweat
Brothers Lee and Nick are back. Like Royal Blood? Like Slaves? Then Sweat will get you to perspire then! Take the Slaves sneer from their earlier releases but welded to a slightly more rockier sound then you have Sweat. A singalong chorus is what draws you in and cool guitars and bombastic drums keep you there. As recent Slaves releases have taken them away from their more overt Punk origins, there is a gap for a band to draw from the Punk well but in an updated fashion for today and Sons could well be that band with a Punk meets Modern Rock sound. Success has many parents, and in this case Sons too!
Sweat is released on End Of The Trail Creative

* New Single Releases For February 03Georgie Femme New Single – Breakfast In Bed
If you’re offering… sausage, bacon, beans, egg, toast and a cup of tea!? No, oh well! Georgie Femme is back with a cool pop with jazzy overtones song about love and their special one which is very apt for Valentine’s day. Sunday morning in the Springtime, the Sun breaking lazily through the curtains and you’re enjoying the luxury of not having to be anyway, doing something and you can spend time with the one you love and loves you. A new addition to your relaxed pop playlist. Enjoy, and maybe a paper to go with breakfast?
Breakfast In Bed available on streaming platforms

* New Single Releases For February 02Ditz New Single –  Fuck The Pain Away
I’m reviewing a single that unless you were quick-fingered and eagle-eyed you can’t get but hopefully our friends Ditz will re-release in a more traditional manner. On this live video of a mouldy peach decomposing, yeah, there was a download code for the band’s cover of the Peaches song, Fuck The Pain Away. When the peach was no more, you couldn’t download the tune. The cover itself… what’s it like? After twenty seconds, the sound of a thousand vacuum cleaners feedbacking through a massive speaker stack kicks in and repeats over the duration of the song. Done and dusted in a lithe two minutes, twenty-eight seconds, this is a sweet treat. If Ditz releases this again, make sure you take a bite!
Fuck The Pain Away was released via Alcopop Records
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