Ten Questions With Lee From Sons

Ten Questions With Lee From Sons Featured Image

01. Why did you start in this business we call show?
One word, Nirvana! I grew up listening mostly to metal music, Metallica, Pantera, things like that but even though I knew I wanted to play the guitar I never thought I would be good enough to make it in a band until I first heard a Kurt Cobain song. Everything changed at that point and I knew I didn’t have to be an amazingly technical guitarist, I could just write songs to the best of my ability. Which was an amazing feeling.

02. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Hmm, that’s a hard one, with my answer I’m hoping you mean in a musical way haha.

Creatively and emotionally it’s things around me, people, places, circumstances I find myself in, I mostly write from my own perspective of life rather than storytelling.

Spiritually I’m not really a spiritual person, more a realist, unless watching films can be classed as a type of meditation in which case films haha.

03. What is your favourite swear word?
Haha, I don’t really have a favourite one I don’t think. I say fuck and fucking a lot, it’s more just part of my speech pattern than knowingly swearing though. In my lyrics I try to stick away from swearing, I find it a bit trite.

04. What would have been the worst possible day for you to sleep through the alarm?
Truthfully I can’t imagine sleeping through an alarm, I have quite bad insomnia which gets worse if I have anything pressing or important to do so I’m usually still awake by the time an alarm would go off. If not for insomnia it would probably be a wedding day I would think haha.

05. Presley or Costello?
Costello totally! The man is a genius. I Want You literally makes me more jealous than any song I’ve ever heard about dealing with the pain of heartbreak. In fact, I’ve just stuck it on because you got me thinking about it.

06. What was the one gig (yours or someone else’s) that made time still for you?
I have two for this. One of ours was The Queens Hotel for The Great Escape in Brighton a couple of years ago, it was completely packed and going crazy with a queue going round the block outside. It was mental.

Seeing Glasvegas playing one of my favourite songs of all time It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry literally took my breath away. (I’ve now put Glasvegas on haha)

07. What sound or noise do you love?
I just bought some new headphones that greet me when I put them on, that’s a great sound, means I’m going to be going into a little world of my own for a bit.

08. It’s 3am. The promoter stole all the money. Two people turned up to the gig. Your name is spelt wrong on the poster. It’s raining. What makes you get up tomorrow and do it all over again?
My thoughts that the world is full of cunts and life can be shitty being validated but a resolve that I won’t let that beat me.

09. Where do all the odd socks go?
Hahaha, I wish I knew, probably the same place as the plectrums! Saying that I did get caught short on moving day once with everything in boxes, I know where that sock went hahaha.

10. What will it say on your tombstone?
Here lays* Lee Meldrum

He wanted to be fed to the pigs but it wasn’t allowed. * I prefer to lay than lie haha.

Sons new single Sweat is released on End Of The Trail Creative:

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