Black Sun Down + Gulls + Ode To Sleep, The Caz

Black Sun Down + Gulls + Ode To Sleep Featured Image

Black Sun Down + Gulls + Ode To Sleep 01I haven’t seen or promoted a band upstairs in The Caz in years. It was nostalgic, to say the least, exchanging three quid for an artistically rendered heart on my hand and back into the maroon womb of a room.

Small and warm, perfect for gigs. Three bands, one Rock and two on the Punk spectrum. The audience was equal parts long and short hair.

Black Sun Down is Rock. Unequivocally and unapologetically.

The bands they covered in their set tonight gives you the lowdown on their sound… Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Led by vocalist, Gabi, who reminded me of Verity White, in that her voice is powerful and imbues the songs with an added something. The band are a juggernaut of riffs and beats.

If you and Rock have become distant cousins of late, let Black Sun Down convert you back to the cause. Added review points for a song called Beezlebaby and the story about why it was named so!

Gulls are often covered by Plugged In Brighton and for good reason.

In a crop of new Brighton Punk bands, they are at the vanguard. Socially aware and angry they channel this energy and disappointment with society and those abusing power into songs which range from venomous putdowns and tunes which use an element of humour to get across their message…don’t accept, fight back!

With Boe on guitar sending out muscular riffs and Hicks on drums laying down a heavy rhythm the musical element is strong and with frontperson Rhi on vocals which can be almost gentle in a singsong way through to paint stripping discord which would put many Hardcore bands to shame, they are great. This is your new favourite Punk band. The set itself included a new track, Shame, which is due for release in April alongside earlier releases including Shop, a polemic against consumerism. Gig after gig they get better and tonight didn’t change this pattern. Hopefully, 2020 will give us more Gulls, which unlike their chip stealing namesakes is very welcome.

Ode To Sleep a newly formed trio opened the evening.

Early 90s Riot Grrl is their musical template and they have chosen well. Guitarist John laying down the guitar lines and drummer Jade pounding out the rhythms and vocalist Liz leading from the front. John joined the crowd to give us a view of his playing, up close and personal.

Unlike with Ditz the previous night, his guitar didn’t meet my nose in an unholy union of bone versus wood. New Punk bands are always warmly welcomed here and Ode To Sleep can come again. A band seen for the first time but hopefully not the last.

Hard Rock and Punk together in harmony. Can’t we all get along? Yes, we can!


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