Skinny Milk + Leisure Tank + Matt Finucane, Prince Albert

Skinny Milk + Leisure Tank + Matt Finucane Prince Albert Featured Image

Skinny Milk + Leisure Tank + Matt Finucane Prince Albert 01These two guys walk into a pub. They’re called Tim and Johnny. One has short hair and one has long hair. Tim sits behind the drumkit and Johnny plugs in his bass. Bang! Kerrang!

If you like headbanging then Skinny Milk is the band for you. You can’t keep still when they are playing.

I’m suffering from St Vitus’s dance and I love it. Johnny is a ball of energy. If you turned away from the stage for a second, he’s off away to another part. So many sounds from the bass, all cool. Tim’s pounding away on the drums as if his life is on the line. Psych Garage Rock is what they sell and you should be buying.

HeadbangingGrinInducingGrooveMakingHairShakingAirMovingFistPumpingMoshInducingFastLivingPsychWorshippingNeckSnappingEardrumSplitting…That’s Skinny Milk!

Skinny Milk + Leisure Tank + Matt Finucane Prince Albert 02Leisure Tank is new to me. London via Germany. I like PJ Harvey, no that’s not strong enough. I love PJ Harvey. If she embraced a little bit of late 60s British Blues Rock, mainly Cream and brought Anna Calvi into her band then what’s I heard tonight. 90s Indie Rock with a twist. Led by KC on vocals and guitar, they rock in an intelligent way with lyrics akin to poetry. Keep an eye and ear out for them.

In this latest iteration of the Matt Finucane band, we have Matt on guitar and Barney on drums. If the Velvet Underground were only two, and the two were Mo Tucker and Lou Reed then you get the idea.

Skinny Milk + Leisure Tank + Matt Finucane Prince Albert 03Matt played his guitar with menace tonight and Barney made the drums do his bidding. Keeping with the New York references, add in Television too but played at times at a faster lick. Matt is Brighton’s dark troubadour reporting from the margins. He’s also the local music scene best-kept secret. Psst… Matt Finucane, check him out, pass it on.

If you live in Brighton and you weren’t at another gig this night I hope you’re Netflix was good, you should’ve been here. Consider yourself told. Wednesday night is when the weekend starts.


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