Peter And The Test Tube Babies: Fuctifano

Peter And The Test Tube Babies Fuctifano Featured Image

Peter And The Test Tube Babies Fuctifano 01New Punk Pathetique from the not so new Peter And The Test Tube Babies. But wait…

  • The opener, Liver’s Lament is a piano-led instrumental of about thirty seconds. False alarm, the title gives the game away. We’re still in Punkland, so get yourself a can and away we go.
  • Facebook Loser is a guitar chugger about enslavement to Social Media.
  • Hell To Pay is a heads-down race to the end punk blast.
  • Cydrated adds farty synth noises to the mix and we get a pop-punk smasher about getting pissed after work.
  • Saturday Dad sounds like The Professionals with the aforementioned farty synth sounds.
  • Gravy Train is a tribute to the adaptability of the British working man to be in more than one place at the same time.
  • Ain’t Missing Her Yet channels the spirit of Alex Harvey to give us a knockabout roller.
  • Wanker brings us back to Punkland.
  • Small Victories is as it sounds a paean to the little things in life, free beer especially.
  • Punched Awake turn into Slapshot for a Hardcore thrasher.
  • Tales Of The Bleedin’ Obvious is a tribute to the teatime series of the 70/80s. Not really but more tongue in cheek punk.
  • Screwed Down brings back the farty synth sounds.
  • Queen Of Fucking Everything is driven by a big fat Glam backbeat.
  • Closer Liver’s Lament (Reprise) is more of what we began with but with added vocals about how Peter’s liver could do with a dry day or two.

Fuctifano? Does anyone? Peter And The Test Tube Babies still have fire in their beer bellies and may their Punk be pathetic for another forty plus years.

Fuctifano is released on Arising Empire: Facebook Peter And The Test Tube Babies

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