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01. Sit Down Single – Quarantine

All’s been quiet since last Summer’s release Feel It but Sit Down are back! Big drums and dirty fuzzy guitar are to the fore after experimentation with a different sound in recent releases. The most topical Coronavirus release to date and I’m sure the best sounding too. They’re in a panic about contagion but this song will give you a few minutes respite from your own cabin fever. Infect yourself with Sit Down and if you haven’t already, check out their back catalogue.  Plugged In Brighton favourites are Candy Bar and Teenage White Boy. Thank us later…

Quarantine is available on Bandcamp:

02. Joanna and The Dropouts Single – Sick in Love

New single from the Surf Rock N Rollers. Since expanding to a four-piece we get more bang for our buck. With Tash on keys adding new cool sounds, we get a song which you won’t be sick of hearing. If they are new to you, for shame if they are, become acquainted. They’re lovesick and for once this is a fever you’ll love!

Sick in Love is available on Bandcamp:

03. The Ramonas New Album – I Want To Live In Outer Space

The Ramonas have new original material for you. Though mainly known for their high octane live performances of Ramones songs they also produce their own songs. Eight tracks, eight reasons to listen. Pop Punk with the odd flourish of Hardcore and a smidgeon of Eighties Pop sonically too. Lyrical concerns include societal problems, animal rights and environmental issues. The band propel the songs with a catchy Pop Punk savviness to draw you in and enough of an edge to drive home their message. When the Ramonas play live they can choose between originals and covers. They have eight new songs you’ll want to hear live. They say they want to live in outer space but you’ll want to live in the Ramonas’ world. Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

I Want To Live In Outer Space is available via The Ramonas website and on streaming services:

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