Before There Was A Blog, There Was A Zine

Before there was a blog, there was a zine. Prior to this, we put on a one-dayer at The Green Door Store in October 2017 called Guitars Who Cares. Did you go?

ARXX, Frank & Beans, Matt Finucane, Young Francis, Idle Bones, Hell Beings, Witchshark, Spleen, Pink Narcissus, Embet Henx and Thirty Giants played and nearly all these bands are still going. Check them out! So after putting on the one-dayer, we thought what’s next. A period of thumb-twiddling followed then we thought what do we know and what did we feel Brighton’s Alt music scene needed … A Zine!

The first few issues were made in true zine-style, cut and paste style. Young Francis was our first cover star and we launched in April 2018. Vinyl Revolution on Duke Street (RIP) very graciously stocked our zine and away we went. Also, we thought we aren’t too busy, let’s do a podcast and there were three fifty-minute shows (April to June 2018) available via Mixcloud, link below. Other cover stars included Matt Finucane, Rotten Foxes, Gulls, Glitter Piss and Lazybones.

Issue 14 (May 2019) was our last as we wanted to do things differently hence the blog launching in July 2019. As we lock ourselves away for the next months or so, now’s the chance to start that project you haven’t yet. DIY, we did!

If you didn’t/couldn’t check out the zine we’ve put some PDFs on the blog. The Zine is dead, long live the Zine!

All issues are available for download on the blog.

Plugged In Brighton Podcasts are available on Mixcloud: PluggedInBrighton

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