Ten Questions With The Ramonas

Ten Questions With The Ramonas Featured Image

01. Why did you start in this business we call show?
Lisa– Always wanted to sing and be in bands so it just kind of happened.
Max– it sounded more fun than my original plan of something in psychology
Camille – I’ve always wanted to perform in some way. It started with sport and performing arts and then turned into becoming a musician when I hit my teens and I’ve never looked back since.

02. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Lisa– other amazing musicians inspire me. I am creatively inspired to write music and lyrics from everything in the world around us, as I like to write about topical subjects of the moment,
Max– I’m also inspired by incredible musicians and songwriters
Camille – I am creatively inspired at the most inconvenient times… usually as I’m falling asleep or taking a shower. Hahaha. But great music and film, in particular, are what inspires me, although I have pretty vast tastes when it comes to both.

03. What is your favourite swear word?
Lisa – Bumhole
Vicky – Cockwomble 😅
Max – cunt probably
Cam – Tosser.

04. What would have been the worst possible day for you to sleep through the alarm?
Lisa – My wedding day.
Max – zzzzzzzzzzz… what?
Cam – I sleep through my alarm every day.

05. Presley or Costello?
Lisa – Costello!
Max – Presley
Cam – Presley, although contrary to popular belief I definitely do not believe he is the King of Rock and Roll

06. What was the one gig (yours or someone else’s) that made time still for you?
Lisa – Watching Flogging Molly and Anti-Flag gig America, 2017.
Vicky – Meeting Joe Strummer – The Play
Max – Eminem Wembley 2014
Cam – Ramonas Rebellion 2019 on Casbah Stage and Acoustic Stages.
And Tool Download Festival 2019. Last year was a good year.

07. What sound or noise do you love?
Lisa – in my garden listening to all the wildlife.
Vicky – Double Bass
Max – sizzling garlic
Cam – MUSIC! ALL THE TIME. My ASMR is the sound of shaving though 😆😂

08. It’s 3am. The promoter stole all the money. Two people turned up to the gig. Your name is spelt wrong on the poster. It’s raining. What makes you get up tomorrow and do it all over again?
Lisa – believe it or not, all of those things have happened to us (not all at once luckily) but we are still doing it because we love it, and those things are pretty rare haha!
Cam – hummus and pitta on the next rider.

09. Where do all the odd socks go?
Lisa – I hang on to them as the missing sock partner usually shows up eventually.
Vicky – on my feet
Max – in the sock drawer
Cam – I wish I fucking knew.

10. What will it say on your tombstone?
Lisa – You only live once- make the most of it!
Cam – Shit happens.

The new album I Want To Live In Outer Space is available via The Ramonas website and on streaming services: Home

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