New Single Music Releases For April

New Single Music Releases For April Featured Image

* CLT DRPWorth It
Worth It? YESSSSSSSS!!!! Imagine robots from the future had time travelled back to 2020, and taking traditional indie instruments had hard wired them into their metallic beings. Driving, rhythmically indie rock with a futuristic feel. Indie with an added clang. Lyrically, the song deals with decision making or rather the difficulty of making them or the right ones at the right time. There’s an album due later in the year. Worth It indicates a treat for indie fans.
Worth It is out now on Small Pond Recordings

* The Psycho RelicsRocking Chair
The debut single from The Psycho Relics takes you back to the Sixties. Garage meets Psych with added Western vibes. Sounding like a lost single that 90s era Tarantino would’ve put on a soundtrack, it’s a Now sound based on a cool past. Smooth as a well-blended whisky but with enough kick to it to lively up your blood, let’s raise a glass to The Psycho Relics. Rocking Chair? It certainly does!
Rocking Chair is released on 3rd April.

* SquidSludge
Freshly signed to Warp Records, Squid have a new track, Sludge. A drone starts us off and boomchucka guitar plus funky percussion then takes over. Channelling B52s, well vocalist Fred Schneider specifically, the song sets a course for Innerspace via phased effects and stream of consciousness lyrics. Not as catchy as The Cleaner but a worthy addition to their catalogue. Lots of ideas and influences, mainly East Coast America 70s versus 80s Psych a la Uncle Ian and in the most part, they make them work to create a sound which is familiar but also their own.
Sludge is available on Warp Records.

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