Gulls New Single – SHAME SHAME SHAME

Gulls New Single Shame Shame Shame Featured Image

Gulls New Single Shame Shame Shame 01Gulls are back.

Their last release Shop was a catchy polemic about the dangers of consumerism. SHAME SHAME SHAME has its sights on the ne’er do wells who spread poison in our society with hateful rhetoric.

Vocalist Rhi gives the song its bite with her impassioned delivery whilst Hicks pounds out the rhythm and Boe delivers cool, punchy guitar lines and vocals too.

Fascists, racists and sexists are in their sights and in SHAME SHAME SHAME they’ve delivered a bullet of a Punk song which hits its targets hard and true. The catchy chorus is an earworm and you’ll be humming it whilst doing your washing up.

Their Pop nouse shines through again on this track and even if you find Punk a bit tough to chew on, they take Punk and add a sprinkle of Pop in the right places but not to the detriment of their messages which are topical and worthy of thought and action.

They call their sound punkrockpoempop. You’ll call it righteous Punk and listen to it again. Release of the week and the highpoint for Brighton Punk releases so far this year. Shame on you if you don’t listen to SHAME SHAME SHAME.



More Gulls on Plugged In Brighton

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