Support Local Artists! New Music Releases Here In Brighton

Support Local Artists New Music Releases Here In Brighton Featured Image

* FaneSacred Lines EP
The world has changed a lot, if not completely in a few months. Old certainties are no more and the mundane has become sacred and precious as it’s denied. Fane’s music is based on repetition, drones and a dreamy atmosphere. An apt soundtrack for these days. Something sounds familiar but is it? The music is soothing but leads to recesses where you’re not sure what’s next. The simplest descriptors for this EP are ambient and chillout thinking KLF and The Orb at times taking you somewhere between bucolic lands and inner/outer space. Three dimensional. As we have become rich in time, if not in money, invest 31 minutes here.
Sacred Lines EP is available via Bandcamp:

* Fuck NoHostile Environment EP
Five songs, just over six minutes played by a supergroup of local heroes from Gulls, Austerity, Personal Best and Pascagoula. Hardcore is the medium for this messaging. Song titles tell you what irks them! Fuck 9 to 5, Human Plague, Animal Genocide, Fuck TERFs and No Dissent.   Hostile Environment? For those that deserve it! April 2020 is shaping up to be the month of proper Punk releases on the South Coast. See you in the pit (eventually)!
Hostile Environment EP is released by Every Man His Own Football:

* Chuck SJPorridge EP
Three songs, three stories. Opener Porridge reflects on youth lived in environments where decision making is made under trying and difficult circumstances. Happily Lonely and 4 Parts Fire, 2 Parts Water are reflections on lust and love lost. As with the best storytelling, the minutiae gives context and alludes to other things and makes it real.  The music is broadly acoustic and falls into the Folk Punk genre but it’s the words that make this release. Poetry without the pretension. Heartfelt and hard-earned.
Porridge EP is available via Bandcamp:

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