Punk and Psych and Surf, Oh My! New Releases

Punk And Psych And Surf Oh My New Release Featured Image

* Joanna and The DropoutsBroken Heart Gang
What are you doing with your evenings at the moment? B Movies are a favourite way to spend our time here at PIB Towers and Joanna and The Dropouts are back with a new single, Broken Heart Gang which could soundtrack cool retro visuals. You’ve got your Hawaiian shirt on under your black leather jacket. Your hair is greased back and you’ve got a switchblade ‘just in case’. Bruised but determined. Trouble’s coming to town and it’s you!  That’s what this song makes you feel and at the moment that’s priceless. Surf Rock with added Horror elements. If Pulp Fiction 2 is made then this would be on it. More surf rock righteousness from Joanna and The Dropouts. If they are new to you, come to the party. Mai Tais for everyone but be ready to rumble!
FFO: Surf Rock, Horror Punk
Broken Heart Gang is available on streaming services: https://www.facebook.com/joannaandthedropouts/

* Sports AlmanacCiren
Do you remember your first unrequited love? Stomach knotted, hopeful for recognition and you live for their glance and smile even if you know you’ll never get near first base. Sports Almanac has taken that memory and given us Ciren. Sugary hooks and punchy guitars take you back to that teen moment. Melodic, Pop Punk conjuring up images of Summer days and bittersweet love. Being lovelorn hasn’t sounded so good.
FFO: Pop Punk
Ciren is available on streaming services: https://www.facebook.com/SportsAlmanacBand

* Something LeatherMidnight Reverie
A new EP from the psychedelic rockers. Opener Trip to the Sun takes you back and conjures images of Siouxsie Sioux locked in a room in the early 90s with various Bristolian trip hoppers. Farewell Fareworse is more 90s influences, this time Indie Rock, with clacking and banging to the fore. Midnight Dive is a narcoleptic dream with woozy feelings to the fore. Closer Down Another One takes parts of the three preceding tracks and veers between psychedelia and trip-hop with guitars. Good stuff but I’m sure better awaits in future releases when they take their disparate influences and harness them in service to their songs.
FFO: Trip Hop, Psych Rock
Midnight Reverie is available via Bandcamp and streaming services: Midnight Reverie, by Something Leather

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