New Release: Sit Down – Nice One

New Release Sit Down Nice One Featured Image

New Release Sit Down Nice One 001An unexpected ep from the apocalyptic art-rockers, hot on the heels of their recent release Quarantine. Four tracks, four reviews below.

Told U So – They take us on a rhythmic journey into a Trip Hop hinterland then a blast of fuzzy Punk jolts you then back to rhythmic enslavement. Think Tricky with extra Industrial guitars. A ’90s what if.

Banana Split – Back to their roots of distorted grunge and cool vocals. You’ll be cooing after listening to this.

Promiseland – Ramalama riffing and distorted vox take us to the Goth side with a touch of Glam on the side. Wear black with a smearing of glitter.

Feel It – Ambient synths and soundscapes with 80s Indie/Post Punk guitars. A portal back to then.

The release shows their breadth of influences and how they can still do the Garage/Punk sound that categorised their early shows and releases but also songs which take us into more electronic terrains.

This duo can do it all. An album would be great but this release coupled with the Quarantine release will more than suffice now.

Guitars vs Synths? We all win.

Nice One? Definitely!

Nice One is out now via Bandcamp:

More Sit Down on Plugged In Brighton



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