New Release: Squid, Broadcaster + Sludge

New Release Squid Broiadcaster + Sludge Featured Image

New Release Squid Broadcaster + Sludge 001Squid has released a new track Broadcaster and has paired it with recent release Sludge to make a vinyl summary of their output to date for Warp Records.

Broadcaster. Bleeping noises underlined with synth lines. Deadpan delivery intimating ennui and submission. Repetition and claustrophobia are piled high and wide.

A yelping “can’t you see me?” is a coda which cuts deep during the lockdown as we scrabble to ourselves heard and seen via digital channels. The track ends with metallic clanging which feels apt as we bang our cups against invisible bars in our temporary prisons.

The band themselves describe the track as having “a real sci-fi vibe which feels pretty relevant in our increasingly dystopian surroundings.”

Sludge. A drone starts us off and boomchucka guitar plus funky percussion then takes over. Channelling The B52s, (well – vocalist Fred Schneider specifically) the song sets a course for Innerspace via phased effects and stream of consciousness lyrics.

Not as catchy as The Cleaner but a worthy addition to their catalogue. Lots of ideas and influences, mainly East Coast America 70s versus 80s Psych a la Uncle Ian and in the most part, they make them work to create a sound which is familiar but also their own.

Squid was crowned Kings of Avant-Garde Indie by Plugged In Brighton back in 2018. Their move to Warp Records hasn’t changed this and they still rule with unusual time signatures and songs of obtuseness. Hopefully, a full-length release isn’t too far away.

Broadcaster and Sludge are available via streaming services on Warp Records. The vinyl edition is released on 26th June and available from music retailers including Resident:

More Squid on Plugged In Brighton



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