New Release: Austerity – Imperialism

New Release Austerity Imperialism Featured Image

New Release Austerity Imperialism 001Lockdown has given us all time to muse on how society works or doesn’t and Austerity has released Imperialism to add more to reflect on.

Lean Post Punk, been and gone in less than two minutes is the medium of their message conveying a distrust in the apparatus of the state.

As with previous releases, jittery, skittish guitar lines meet tight danceable rhythms, so your body can dance whilst your brain thinks.

The perfect workout to fight physical and mental flab.

These times are different and difficult but that shouldn’t dissuade us from questioning actions taken in our name without necessarily our agreement.

This Austerity is the kind that should be embraced by all right-thinking music fans.

Imperialism by Austerity is out now on Every Man His Own Football Records. FFO: Gang of Four, Wire, Gulls, Idles.

More Austerity on Plugged In Brighton



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