New Release: Joanna & The Dropouts, Nightmare

New Release Joanna & The Dropouts Nightmare Featured Image

New Release Joanna & The Dropouts Nightmare 001Pandemic, pah!

Where are the zombies, blob monsters, 50-foot women, killer robots? Where’s the cool shit that armageddon is all about?

Whilst Covid-19 has singularly failed to supply any B Movie goodness, Joanna and The Dropouts have supplied the soundtrack with new track Nightmare.

Twangy guitars lead the track as Joanna implores us to keep going.

Building on earlier releases they take a Fifties inspired sound which is  Rock n Roll dancing with Surf. They can see the monsters in the rear-view mirror of their Cadillac but if they keep the pedal to the floor they can outrun them.

Nightmares may be part of our new reality for now but this one is dreamy.

Nightmare is available via Bandcamp:

More Joanna and The Dropouts on Plugged In Brighton



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