New Releases For June!

New Releases For June Featured Image

* Bong Grenades CompilationHalfMeltedBrain Records
All small music venues are suffering across the world and Brighton is no exception to this. We are blessed with venues but without support and funding, this mightn’t be the case in the future.

Brighton based DIY experimental rock and metal label HalfMeltedBrain Records have released Bong Grenades – a digital compilation showcasing the label’s artists and friends – with proceeds going towards saving The Pipeline in Brighton. The label is looking to give something back by releasing this compilation, with proceeds going towards the #SAVEOURVENUES scheme in aid of The Pipeline and other venues across the UK.

The compilation features amongst others deranged sludge metallers Oriza, Saturnine psych-proggers Codex Serafini and experimental noise rock duo TRAPS.

You’ll be doing the right thing on two levels by purchasing this compilation. Helping The Pipeline and getting some fine alternative music down your neck. Everyone’s a winner! Act now or repent at leisure!

Bong Grenades is released via HalfMeltedBrain Records Bandcamp:

* ELLIS DPuppeteering/Control

What do the pandemic and lockdown remind you of? Those of a certain vintage may think back to the Eighties when nuclear dread reared its ugly head. A panic based on a foe that to all intents and purposes is invisible but changes us all. The new ELLIS D release Puppeteering conjures up a mixture of delicate pop and muscular indie rock.

Uncertainty mixed with a dignified resignation that we must prevail and go on.  A duality which hints at tensions within all of us. To progress, we must at times let go. Control takes a jittery white funk framework and adds delicate but determined incantations of survival.

Whilst the pandemic has halted live music for the foreseeable future it provides for some the opportunity to produce new music and for many the pandemic and what it has done to us will be the theme.

ELLIS D’s new music addresses a dread that’s within us all.  Were all puppets but we can choose to cut the strings. Will you?

Puppeteering is available on Bandcamp:

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