The Family Faith – Elvis Presley/Henry is Out of Control

The Family Faith Elvis Presley Henry Is Out Of Control Featured Image

The Family Faith Elvis Presley Henry Is Out Of Control 001Post Punk! There, I’ve said it out loud.

As a shorthand it makes you think of jagged guitar lines, cold synthesized sounds and jittery drums and lyrical concerns of decay and dysfunction below the surfaces of our lives, a fetid ripple in the pool.

New band, The Family Faith has released digitally and on CD two tracks, Elvis Presley as the lead track plus Henry is Out of Control and their sound is loudly and proudly Post Punk.

Elvis Presley starts with a disco four to the floor beat with shimmery synths, panicked beats and funky guitar lines propelling it along. Post Punk which detours into Telex territory.

Stream of conscious lyrics referencing musical heroes from the dawn of Rock n Roll and the best advice bestowed by a Brighton band this year.

You should never kiss a tory
They will only break your heart

Henry is Out of Control resurrects Mark E Smith and the song turns into a North West 80s showdown between The Fall leader and the Shaun Ryder led Happy Mondays, pre hits with added metal clanging. A solipsistic groove where only you or what you think is you can exist. Who said that?

Brighton of late has become a hotbed for the best kind of Post Punk which takes the original sound as a basis for new music but isn’t too slavish to it. Whatever your views on the man from Memphis listen here. Dysfunctional delights.

Elvis Presley is available via Bandcamp and on limited edition CD from Resident Records: and

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