Hauntology: Safehouse Lockdown Sessions, Safehouse Improvisation

Hauntology Safehouse Lockdown Sessions Safehouse Improvisation Featured Image

Hauntology Safehouse Lockdown Sessions Safehouse Improvisation 01What have you done differently recently? Something? Nothing? Perhaps currently this doesn’t matter to you?

Safehouse Brighton is a collective that hosts events based on improvised/experimental music. This release is based on sharing music between musicians and seeing where it goes. The process for this release is described as follows on their Bandcamp:

A system of 23 trios were created, whereby no one player could play with the same person more than once. Cards with the 23 players names on were shuffled and depending on the order they were drawn, each player was given a number. These 23 musicians sent in a recording of themselves playing, between 4 and 6 minutes long. This solo performance/recording was sent to the player “below” them to play along with. This recorded duet was then sent to the player “below” them to play along with. Players were invited to record whatever they wanted, whilst listening to and accompanying the track “above”

What do we get then? Hauntology comes to mind as we hear prose, poetry and speech denuded of context and music which throbs, pulses and screeches around it. Alternating between loud and quiet. What does it mean? Perhaps meaning shouldn’t be sought here but there is feeling. A fractured nostalgia. Its 10 AM on a damp Sunday in a cold February and there are only three channels on the television and they weren’t tuned in properly.

A bittersweet treat from the distant past to a challenging present heading to an unknown future.

Find out more about Safehouse Brighton: https://safehousebrighton.co.uk/

Safehouse Lockdown Sessions (Part 2) is available on Bandcamp: https://safehouseimprovisation.bandcamp.com/album/safehouse-lockdown-sessions-part-2

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