Chris Sez: Wear A Mask!

Chris Sez Wear A Mask Featured Image

Chris SezI’m not wearing a mask. I don’t like it. It infringes my human rights. It doesn’t protect me.

All wrong! What’s all this about Chris? What has this to do with Brighton music?


We want to get back to a normal as possible way of life which includes, at some point in the future, gig going. What do I see in Brighton? People blithely walking around the city without masks or wearing them on their chins to keep the hair on their chinny chin chin warm.

Simulations based on 80% of a population wearing a mask showed it was a more effective way of reducing the spread of Covid-19 than a lockdown.

Combine mask-wearing with hand washing and social distancing and we are all doing our part in reducing the pandemic but as a first step, mask-wearing is the most effective. Then we can start to think about gigs again. Yes, there are some medical exemptions for mask-wearing but most non-mask wearers are doing so for reasons of laziness and selfishness,

You’ve signed the MVT petition and donated to your favourite venue but don’t wear a mask? Then you haven’t really helped the Brighton music scene. Get real, wear a goddamn mask!

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