Chris Sez: Not Coming To A Venue Near You Soon

Chris Sez Not Coming To A Venue Near You Soon Featured Image

Chris SezIf you heard or read the UK government update last week, you would have been led to believe that indoor concerts will be starting in August.

Alas, no.

The UK live music scene is still in a holding pattern where time is moving on but progression to whatever a new normality is where concerts are possible with mitigation such as reduced social distancing but with mandatory facial covering and increased venue cleaning is still not known.

As much as it would be cold comfort, if the government gives a date of 1st January 2021 for gigs to happen again, for example, with mitigation but allowing a higher occupancy percentage, perhaps nearer 70 to 80%, then bands, promoters and venues can start planning.

Currently, venues are starting to be closed, staff are being made redundant as furloughing changes before ending completely and bands and promoters are playing music chairs moving tours and gigs around with the default position for many to delay them until Spring 2021 at the earliest whilst losing money themselves which may make them unable to promote or perform at a later date.

There are no easy answers and many venues won’t survive the Summer let alone the year but a clear date for recommencement of indoor gigs would galvanise the music industry and gig-goers alike. Over to you Boris or Brighton will be quiet for good.

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