Chris Sez: No More Support Bands (For Now)

Chris Sez No More Support Bands For Now Featured Image

Chris SezNo more support bands! Some of you might say, yes, who cares?

If at some point in the (near) future, gigs at small venues restart, the economics have changed from challenging to dire.

Many venues in the city ran two events on one night, normally a gig then a club night. To make ends meet, it may go to three. Brighton is no different to many other towns and cities in that most gig-goers rock up late, probably five minutes before the headliner is due on.

Promoters may say, let’s cut to the chase, headliner only. Make the gig a pound or two cheaper to reflect one band/artist. Three lots of punters rather than two for the venue.

Being a support band is how bands learn their live craft. It mightn’t be the most important thing in the world now but it’s an important part of the music ecosystem. The pandemic is impacting on all areas of the music industry but let’s not forget the little guys.

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