August New Music Releases

August New Music Releases Featured Image

01. AK/DKFeeds
Electronic ramalama fun from AK/DK. Late 70s pre hits The Human League have time travelled to today and merged with AK/DK. Fuzzy synth sounds with garage percussion give a pandemic friendly soundtrack which makes you dance whilst at the same time makes you look over your shoulder. If the 20s were the 70s. Imagined dystopia versus real dystopia. A new album is teased for later in the year and Feeds bodes well for more electronic versus garage goodness.
Feeds is available on all major streaming services.

02. Young Francis Hi FiI Wanna Hold You Tight (Tonite)
Fatter and Fuller! No, not pandemic waistlines but the sound of Young Francis Hi Fi. Since Young Francis gave up the single life and joined forces with ex-members of Rotten Foxes we get the bubblegum punk of old but more so. In a quick ninety-four seconds, we get the ghosts of The Ramones vs The Runaways exhumed for a tooth-rotting, headbanging, sugar rush. Whilst you can’t wear double denim for gigs at the moment, don the denim for this fist-pumping, rebel-rousing tune courtesy of Young Francis Hi Fi at home tonite!
I Wanna Hold You Tight (Tonite) is available on Bandcamp:

03. SoareYou
2020 Summer is a bus in many ways but Soare is bringing retro sunshine vibes with You.  90s West Coast Hip Hop beats meets breathy vocals with a bit of guitar for the Indie kids. For those old enough, it brings back hazy memories of bands like Len and Bran Van 3000 who made Pop with a Hip Hop meets Indie vibe. Crack open a Cerveza and enjoy You. You’re worth it!
You is available via Spotify

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